On Saturday, September 22nd, HighPoint Marina held the “Season Ending Fish-off” to conclude the 2018 fishing tournament season. Of the 60 different teams that fished this season 45 were eligible for the finale which launched on a beautiful fall like morning. They fished in sunshine most of the day. Following the weigh-in the anglers, and some of their families, enjoyed a cook out under the HighPoint Pavilion. Eric Johnson of Partlow and Nate Sullivan of Fredericksburg, won the event with a 15 lbs. 2 oz. bag. Timmy Moran and Tripp Martini both of Spotsylvania finished 2nd with 13 lbs. 9 ozs. They also won the prize for big fish, with a 6 lb. 11 oz. lunker. Third place went to Tom Sacra of Partlow and James Farrar of Bumpass.

The seasonal tournaments were held every Friday evening beginning June 1st, and ran for 12 weeks throughout the summer, concluding on August 24th. Cash prizes were awarded after every tournament and each team’s total weight was kept on a cumulative basis. The top 45 teams at the end of the season qualified for the “Season Ending Fish Off”. Throughout the summer over 1,500 pounds of fish were weighed and released. On average 23 teams fished each week.

This year’s tournaments were basically dominated by the top 3 teams. Season champions Larry Wollersheim, Mineral and Preston Cox, Fredericksburg won the first two events of the year with a 13.74 lb bag and a 16.29 lb bag. During the season they would go on to win 4 more tournaments. They finished the season with 156 lbs., winning their 11th season championship in the past 13 years. Defending champions Eric Johnson and Nate Sullivan finished 2nd this year winning three of the weekly matchups. They finished the season with 142 lbs. Mid-way through the summer they took the top spot and held it for four weeks, but could not keep Wollersheim/Cox from retaking the lead in week 8. PJ Cox and Phil Wilcox finished in 3rd place for the year with a total of 128 lbs. This young team was highly competitive all season winning week 5 and finishing in the top 5 almost every week. Three other teams battled for fourth place throughout the season. These teams alternated positions several times but by summers end Scot and Dave Sullivan of Beaverdam finished 4th with a weight of 99 lbs. John Doyle and Gene Carter finished 5th with 85 lbs. Nate Sullivan had big fish for the year with a 6 lb. 15 oz. lunker.


1) Wollersheim/Cox 13.74
2) Wollersheim/Cox 16.29
3) Johnson/Sullivan 16.50
5) Cox/Wilcox 17.45
6) Johnson/Sullivan 20.17
7) Wollersheim/Cox 16.93
8) Wollersheim/Cox 14.31
9) Johnson/Sullivan 11.54
10) Wollersheim/Cox 14.29
11) Sullivan/Sullivan 16.57
12) Wollersheim/Cox 16.05

Timmy Moran with big fish for the tournament 6 lbs 12 oz

1st place tournament winners Nate Sullivan and Eric Johnson

Season tournament champions Larry Wollersheim and Preston Cox


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