FAQ’s | Lake Anna Vacation Rentals | Dockside Rentals


What is needed to book a rental?

Once you find a property that is available you will need to complete the lease agreement and put down your deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

See our Vacation rental policy’s section for the policies

What do we do if we can’t get to Office after Hours?

If you’re checking in after regular business hours, on a Holiday or Weekend you will be given checking instructions please inform the office to make arrangements.

What do you do in an emergency during the rental?

We offer an emergency phone number during your rental if you have an issue at the house at any time.
Emergence’s include –   No hot water-   No AC – No heat – Lockout -Medical -Major Plumbing issue

Can you boat from one side to the other of the Lake?

No you cannot boat from one side to the other the lake is physically divided by dirt dikes. There are two neighborhoods that do allow accesses to both sides.

Are Linens Included?

Yes all our rentals include Linens and Towels as a sanitary requirement. If you have any questions about the linens please reach out to the office.