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Largemouth Bass Tournaments

On Friday, June 1st,  HighPoint Marina  will begin its 24th  season of Friday Night Tournaments. With as many as 40 teams fishing each week, this tournament has become the largest and most popular of its kind on Lake Anna.  These events will run every Friday night until August 24th (except July 6th).  Entry fees are $40.00 per 2 man team, and each tournament pays back 100 % of all entry fees.  The tournaments are sponsored in part by DEKA Marina Batteries and Tow BoatU.S.-Lake Anna   On September 22nd a classic tournament will be held where the top 50 teams for the year compete one last time.


A summary, plus other information are as follows:

Function:       Largemouth bass tournament

Location:       Lake Anna, VA   /   HighPoint Marina

Date:             Every Friday June 1, thru August 24,  (except July 6).

Time:             6:30 to 9:30 PM

Prizes:           One prize for every 8 entries ( i.e. 40 entries 6 cash prizes)


For more information, please contact HighPoint Marina, 540 895 5249



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