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Long Term Rentals

Why You Need A Professional Long Term Rental Manager

Do You know…

  • Fair Market rent value for the size and location of your property?
  • What constitutes discrimination against an applicant?
  • You cannot discriminate against children or familial status?
  • The portion of law pertaining to service animals vs. pets?
  • What notice to serve your tenant for unpaid rent?
  • What notice to serve your tenant for breach of lease terms?
  • What notice to serve a month to month tenant for termination of lease?
  • How to begin the eviction process?
  • Your responsibilities for holding security and other deposits?
  • What repairs are required under the landlord tenant act?
  • Time frame for effective renewal or termination of lease?
  • The provisions for return or claim against the security deposit?
  • What laws apply to claim abandoned property left by the tenant?

Do You Have…

  • An easily read and recognizable “For Rent” sign?
  • An Internet website that attracts tenants?
  • Access to list your property with the local board of realtors?
  • Access to current sales date if tenant offers to purchase?
  • Federal lead paint disclosures & booklets and know the laws?
  • A 24-hour emergency line for the needs of your tenant?
  • Vendors to service the needs of your property?
  • Vendors who are licensed and insured?
  • Vendors that will respond as per the landlord tenant act?
  • Access to an affordable attorney for free legal advice?
  • Move-in and move-out forms and policy statements for tenants?

Are you familiar with…

  • The Federal Housing Law?
  • The Federal Americans with disabilities act?
  • The landlord tenant act?
  • The transient tax requirements of state and local governments?
  • The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act?
  • Your state and local ordinances for renting your property?

Can You…

  • Check credit, eviction and criminal records of applicants?
  • Verify employment and income?
  • Reach past landlords for tenant references?

Rental Management Services…

  • Tenant screening for credit, civil and criminal records.
  • Free rental analysis.
  • Continuous training for Property Managers.
  • Full service accounting for rent collection, bill payment and IRS 1099 reporting.
  • Inventory service available.
  • Free sales market analysis for your property.
  • Fair market rates for appliance, AC and general repairs.
  • Full compliance with Federal Fair Housing.
  • Full compliance with Federal Fair Credit reporting.
  • Full compliance with Federal lead pain disclosure.
  • Full compliance with Virginia Landlord tenant act.