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Saturday with Zack Artis at Fifty Third Winery

Inspired by Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins, Zack Artis has mastered fingerstyle guitar and has become a virtuoso guitarist. With a groovy style and the ability to inspire, audiences reminiscing of the way Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, Zack created a new genre.

Zachariah “Zack” Artis was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When he was eight he and his family moved to Petersburg, Virginia, where he bough his first acoustic guitar for five dollars at a yard sale. After teaching himself to play, he was the inspired to buy an electric guitar. He began to sell his drawings from door to door until he accumulated $800. After convincing his father, he was allowed to buy his first electric guitar. Not long after, Zack started teaching lessons from home to neighborhood kids. By the time Zack was 14, he discovered instrumental rock bands like Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel and Joe Santriani. This inspired him to reshape his playing style. Zack pursued his passion in music and learned music theory. Today Zack continues to teach and paly full time. He has also produced three original albums. Although Zack is currently based in Petersburg, Virginia, he continues to play all over the country. Zack lived out one of his dreams when he performed on stage beside Tommy Emmanuel and Keith Horn.

When he is not teaching or playing at a venue, he enjoys giving back to the community by donating performances to retirement homes organizations for people with special needs and veteran hospitals.

So visit us and experience this talented musician for yourself!


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